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Creating a wedding business that leads the way is totally possible for you.  Everything successful wedding professionals do to have a 6-7 figure wedding business that attracts the best clients - you can do, too! 

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Learning the secrets that wedding business owners are using to own their market can be yours.  We have put all of our training we usually reserve for our 1:1 coaching clients into an easy to use training and community that you can access right now.
Every day your dream wedding clients (the ones who pay handsomely & treat you with respect) are hiring their wedding planner, photographer, caterer, florist...
Isn’t it YOUR turn to consistently 
win the clients you want?
  • You aren’t getting the clients you want
  • You aren’t charging the fees you want to (and deserve!)
  • You feel stagnant, unable to grow your business
  • You have creativity in spades but feel overwhelmed with the marketing skills & business acumen you need to take your business to new heights
  • You have friends & family who put this fear in you that you’d better keep your pricing middle-of-the-road or the phone will stop ringing

That's exactly what we hear from clients before they start working with us every single time...  But quickly, things change and they start attracting ideal clients.
  •  Rely on your expertise
  •  Welcome & appreciate your ideas
  •  Treat you like a partner, not a subordinate 
  •  Say, “Great! Let’s do this” at your $12K fee, instead of balking when you say $3K
  •  Value all you’ve done for them and thank you
  •  Give you a gorgeous review after you finish
You started your business because you’re creative, social… 
and you get paid to be involved in the biggest 
romantic celebration party of all time! ...
And, you knew it wouldn’t be all confetti and peonies 
...that it required hard work
  •  Attract clients you love
  •  Charge more and book as many weddings as you want to
  •  Be taken seriously as a business owner in this multi-billion dollar industry
  •  Be treated with respect & valued by your clients
  •  ENJOY your work while you create that magical day for brides
  •  Take your kids to Disneyland & post the pics on Instagram without worrying a client will see & wonder, “Why isn’t she working on my wedding?”
  •  Have some down time (can you even imagine sitting down for a few hours and bingeing on Netflix!?)
  •  Work in an industry you love, not boxed up in a corporate cubicle
  •  Avoid choosing between paying bills or a little weekend-getaway
You deserve to feel the rush of putting on 
the most extraordinary & beautiful ceremony 
of couples’ lives…
And be paid well for that.
Take a peek at 5 of the most common reasons responsible for holding you down 
(and what to do about them)...
1 You don’t believe you deserve higher rates.
You think you need to have more years of experience … and you’re afraid to quote the fee you want & lose out to someone who charges lower. Something is better than nothing, you think.  

Or maybe you simply don’t think you’re valuable enough to get the fees you should. Oh those limiting mindsets...

And of course it doesn’t help that your parents & friends are telling you to play it safe by charging less.
To increase your confidence! But confidence comes from a couple of things that you can start to do today. 

For example - niching. When you understand how to niche & narrow your focus (critical for reaching the clients you want), you become more of a specialist.
Once you’ve carved out your unique offer & market you’ll feel more confident in asking for the fee you deserve (really!).
And it won’t be as difficult to attract a steady stream of brides to fuel your business. 

And that in-your-way mindset? Well, sometimes you need an expert in your field to give you a good ol’ fashion derrière-kicking & cheer you on - help you realize that YES. I AM WORTH IT.
2 You're stumped by social media.
I know - you see so many others who are new to the industry handling social media like they were born into it. And that’s because many of them were.

They’ve got thousands of followers on IG and Pinterest & hundreds of likes on FB. You feel like you’ll never get out of your day job.

But for those of us in the business 10+ years, marketing strategies have changed. You can no longer party (or plan) like it’s 1999. 
To cut yourself some slack - the way we communicate with the market has changed & the channels have changed - so what used to work no longer does. 

Social media is the swarm of mosquitos on a sweet summer evening to many business owners. BUT - it is necessary. Once you understand how to use it to your advantage, you might actually love it… um, like it… well tolerate it at least ;-)

3 You don’t quite get the marketing, advertising & sales side of the biz.
You’re creative but not business-minded, so running a successful business is a frightening concept.

Running on Caffé Lattes, you zoom around the web trying to figure out how to “do it all” but it becomes so overwhelming you decide it’s nicer to put your head back in the sand and keep on doing what you’re doing - even though you know it could mean the end of your business.

Or you get sucked into national directories like The Knot and Weddingwire.

They tell you want you want to hear - they claim they've got the perfect advertising package for you but nothing works … nothing bloody WORKS. Or you sign up for all these seminars and read free blog posts but it’s just. not. enough.

To let someone else with the marketing & sales expertise take your hand & show you exactly what to do to bring in those awesome clients.

And if you’ve been taken for a ride, forgive yourself - it wasn’t your fault you were mislead. The right expert guide is out there who’ll show you exactly what needs to be done to grow your business and get clients you adore.

Be sure that expert, though, is someone who has done it herself over & over and grown a hugely successful business in the wedding industry. Our industry is unlike any other & people outside don’t have a good handle on it.

And please don’t be critical of yourself. It’s incredibly challenging to teach yourself how to do everything needed to run a successful business…
4 You don’t feel supported by your friends or family with the decision to run a business in the wedding industry.
Is that even a thing, they wonder… shouldn’t you get a real job? It’s fine for a little fun side hobby, of course. And they make you worry that you won’t get business if you charge too much. You know they mean well but it still leaves you doubting yourself and afraid to get what you deserve.
To have someone in your corner telling you, "You are VALUABLE. You need to be charging a minimum of this, I can't believe you're not there. 

You should be, you're amazing!” The wedding industry is a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry - and it’s HARD work! Don’t let anyone tell you it’s frou-frou.
5 You hired a business coach… a super smart idea, by the way - only you hired the wrong one.
And it turned out to be a giant waste of money. She wasn’t experienced in wedding service businesses - she was more of a generalist. 

She didn’t understand the churn we go through - we have to keep attracting clients every day - there’s very little repeat business in our industry ;-) She may have been a fine coach for the average entrepreneur outside the wedding industry.

Or maybe you had the kind of coach who pushes the Law of Attraction and tells you journaling is enough to get a profitable wedding business. You wanted someone to give you actual solutions.
To choose the best person for the job. Hiring a coach or joining a program is an investment that can offer a fantastic return on your investment - provided you choose the right coach.

At the very least, make sure you hire someone who works in the industry and has a proven track record of effecting significant upward growth in her clients’ wedding businesses. 

And the best wedding business coach helps you with a long-term vision - not just short-term fixes. Too many focus on little bits that won’t take you anywhere but back to where you started from.
Let's fix this today.
You may be wondering who I am… 
I’m Kathryn Porritt. I founded & grew a multi-million dollar wedding business in Australia that serviced 300,000+ events in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada.

I eventually sold this business so I could focus on helping other wedding professionals achieve the same level of success.

Brisbane, Australia is home, though with my husband’s work (he’s a diplomat) we’ve lived in many parts of the world. Our daughter Penelope (almost a teen!) and our son Darcy (almost 11) actually started school while we were posted to Japan.

We’ve got two Labrador Retrievers... they started training to become assistance dogs, but, well, they were rejected. They’re the best reject dogs in the world!

Yes, I’m a busy woman and I LOVE it.

Kathryn Porritt, CEO & Founder
Weddings Inc. & Wedding Masters

Without Kathryn’s support, I think I would have made half the amount of money I'm making right now - or even less than that - I would have quoted my clients a lot less.

It's so amazing to say "I charge this amount of money" and they say, "Okay." And I think, "Wait. Really?" I know that's what I'm worth and I know that that's what my work is worth but for me to try to say that to someone else felt very intimidating before the coaching with Kathryn.

~ Samar Hattar

Without Kathryn’s help, I would have struggled for quite some time. I don't feel like I would have had the correct direction or I would have had some clients that weren't really my type.

And finally leaving my job and being able to do this as my full time life is so fulfilling. Kathryn gave me the foundation - which is the most important thing. If I didn't have that foundation, I wouldn't be here.

~ Ashley Shaw

I just wasn't making enough money - I was about to close my doors. I've been in business for a long time but this particular business was really young ( its sixth month) and I really didn’t know what I was going to do at that time so I booked a call with Kathryn.

Kathryn re-inspired me, relit that fire. She's become like this godmother to me. And she just was so excited about my business and what I had - she wants to see me succeed.

~ Meaghan Young

Now, for just a few dollars a week, you can access my high end training that I used to reserve only for my big brand clients...
Wedding Masters gives you the
guidance, tools, love & support you need
to achieve the wedding business you want
(and it's incredibly affordable).
We’re passionate about supporting the wedding service industry as a whole...

And super passionate about helping creative people like you bring their business to a better place.

Wedding Masters is THE hub for wedding professionals to grow, collaborate, learn & network.
I was about 6 months into my business when I met Kathryn - I felt like I wasn't going anywhere and I didn't really know really a lot of what I was doing. When Kathryn helped me, my business took off. I don't think I would have had a clear direction without Kathryn - she helped me set my goals, redefine my why... I rebranded my whole business based off of my work with her.
~ Ashley S.

Here's what you'll get...

1: Access my Library of Growth Training
You will instantly get access to an extensive library of materials designed for you to grow your wedding business, increase your profits, and gain momentum and consistency in your business.

Each module is filled with extensive content. This is your opportunity to take your business to the next level and start living the life of freedom you have always wanted.

There's social media, marketing, branding, sales, pricing and passive income training... and that's just the start.
Foundations - how to define your perfect client.
Branding - how to determine who you are to your perfect client.
Offer - how to clarify what you do and create a compelling offer.
Pricing - how to charge what you're worth.
Platform - how to deliver your offer to your target market.
Community - how to grow your business with joint ventures.
Authority - how to become the credible voice for your market.
Marketing - how to grow your perfect client audience.
Sales - how to sell to your market without the sleaze.
Customer Experience - how to deliver the best experience ever.
Overcome Your Success Blocks - for your best season ever.
Beyond Your Local Market - how to grow your brand globally and rock a sustainable, passive income even out of wedding season.
EACH MODULE BECOMES PART OF the key to you building a wildly profitable WEDDING business.
2: Weekly Office Hours
You get weekly office hours with the Weddings Inc team so you get your questions answered - and learn from what others ask, too.  Each week we meet online through Zoom so you can get your questions answered & the support you need to implement what we teach you.   Based in Australia and the US, the Weddings Inc. team is truly global.
Kathryn Porritt
Founder of Weddings Inc.

Kathryn started and grew a multi-million dollar wedding business in Australia that serviced 300,000+ events in several countries.

She is dedicated to growing the reputation & visibility of the wedding industry as a whole. It’s time the world finally understands that the wedding business is a professional, healthy & very large industry with high standards.

Kathryn has helped hundreds of wedding service providers create their dream business.

Monique Lillicrap
Business & Marketing Expert
Monique is a world-class business development & marketing expert. Building brands with innovative & engaging customer experiences is one of her many talents.

Monique is well-versed in market launch strategies across multiple platforms internationally. She’s worked with brands like: Twentieth Century Fox, Columbia TriStar, Lego, BMW, Audi, Nike, McDonald’s, Nokia, Max Factor, Rimmel, L’Oreal, Kraft, MTV and more.  

We are so fortunate to have such an accomplished expert on our team (and fun to boot!).
Kristeen LaBrot
Leading Celebrity Wedding Planner &
Weddings Inc. Ambassador
Kristeen is an A-List wedding planner based in LA. 

Her weddings have been featured in People Magazine countless times. She’s won Best Planner in Los Angeles for 3 years running, received other awards & has been published internationally. Kristeen grew her business from the ground up and had her own mindset challenges to contend with. Super personable and humble, you’ll find Kristeen is a valuable resource for you.
Samar Hattar
Leading Destination Wedding Planner & 
Weddings Inc. Ambassador
Samar is a leading destination wedding planner in the wine region of California. 

When the wildfires decimated that area, people stopped booking… the phone went quiet, quickly. Despite being put through the ringer, Samar built her business back up & sells packages that we dream of. Warm and engaging, Samar is someone you’ll quickly trust and love having a connection to.

Together, we have your growth completely covered. 
From branding to website development, from getting leads to handling cray-cray clients, we’ve got you!

Calls will be recorded so even if you can’t make it live, you can still watch the replay.

Kathryn has been nothing but a joy to work with. She has redesigned my website to help me reach my target market. OH MY GOODNESS! My website is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am grateful I met Kathryn and grateful to be given the time to spend with her. She is an asset to me and my company! Kathryn is also helping me with creative marketing tools to generate more business. I love that she is not afraid to say exactly what I need to hear, even if it is not what I want to hear.  I give her the highest recommendation and would recommend her to anyone!

~ Mary Shannon Ratliff
President, MS Ratliff Weddings & Events

3: A Private FB Group for Members Only
You get access to our private Facebook group facilitated by our Weddings, Inc ambassadors so you get support from those who know what you’re going through & what you need.  This exclusive FB group is dedicated to members of our Wedding Masters Membership only.
Here you get to network, feel supported, ask questions & learn from our two ambassadors - Kristeen & Samar - plus I’ll be in there as well, along with Monique.

Kristeen and Samar, both wedding planners, are in the business every day - chances are they’ve dealt with every kind of challenge you may face.

Anyone dealing with cray-cray clients? ;-)

4: NEW Trainings Every Month
You get new trainings from us every month so you stay current and inspired.  We make sure you get fresh new trainings to help you get your wedding service business exactly how you want it to be. 

For example, we’ll share trends & ideas that are doing well in other parts of the world - you’ll be first in your location to try these!

We also ask for input from members so you get trainings that meet your needs.

Trainings will be offered through formats like FB lives, webinars, interviews & Zoom calls. 

Anytime we’re going live with new training, we’ll give you a heads up - and make sure it’s recorded so you’ll always have access inside the membership.

I still had a full -time job when I started in the Wedding Masters membership but soon I was able to leave that job and now I’m full-time. I even have a storefront now, with employees. I have my main assistant for the wedding planning portion & I have interns that want to do weddings with us to learn, but pretty soon I'm going to need another full time person. 

 ~ Ashley

Access Wedding Masters Today 
GET ACCESS FOR JUST $37 per month...
You get thousands of dollars of training on marketing, business strategy, sales, pricing and so much more... plus weekly group training online where you can ask your specific business questions, and access to our private Facebook Group managed by the Weddings Inc. team to get help from the best professionals in the industry.

One reason I love working with Kathryn so much is that I've been on my own my entire life - in general but in my business. I became a jeweller 10+ years ago & since then, I've done nothing but learn about business & work my ass off, building my own websites, making Facebook ads - everything I've ever done, I've done on my own and so for somebody to come in and be like "You have built something amazing here, I really believe in you and I firmly believe you're going to succeed and make a lot of money.


Together, all the components inside the membership assist you with sales, marketing, business acumen, social media, publicity, adding revenue streams that work on autopilot & many other facets of running a thriving wedding business.
*Access to our extensive learning library
          - Business Foundations
          - Mindset Training
          - Branding Brilliance
          - Nail Your Offer
          - Perfect Wedding Website
          - Social Media Training
          - Close the Sale
          - Marketing for Wedding Businesses
          - Sales Funnels
          - Passive Income
          - Joint Ventures

*Weekly office hours
*A private FB group for members only
*New trainings every month
*Access to & support from the Wedding, Inc team - Kathryn, Monique, Kristeen & Samar
*Our VIP templates as your bonus gift when you enroll in the Full Pay Plan or the Installment Plan

Hear more from our Ambassador Kristeen LaBrot...
Kathryn helped me figure out my branding & my message because I wasn’t attracting the type of client I wanted - now my brand & message match the high-end planner that I am.

Boundaries and my mindset were big issues for me. If I don't feel like I'm worth $15,000 no one is going to pay me $15,000. Kathryn’s been a huge help with that. I actually like every client that I have right now and it's great! I don't dread starting my work day. 

I travel a lot to see my husband because he's a filmmaker on location a lot. I want to have kids. I want to have emotional freedom.

Kathryn’s helped me with my mindset around the relationship I have with my clients - I now see that I am the owner of my business and I don't work FOR my clients, I work WITH them. And it's okay for me to take a day off and go do something I want to go do. I need to feel okay saying "No, I need to take time off for my family." That’s given me a sense of emotional freedom and regaining my personal life.

It's so nice to have someone in your corner that understands what you're going through.

Hear more from our Ambassador Samar Hattar…
I’ve been in business 10 - 11 years now and I felt like I was at a standstill. I was still getting the same clients but what I really wanted were more high end clients. I wasn't able to figure out how to do that - I knew I could do my job well - but something was missing. Then Kathryn came along... 

My branding was off and I wasn’t speaking to my clients with as much confidence as I needed. Kathryn’s really helped me build my confidence and feel comfortable talking prices with clients. She’s helped me hone in on what it is I'm trying to do & the clients I’ve booked at this point are now all in the price bracket that I want to be in. 

I think what I love about Kathryn... She really listened and heard exactly what I was wanting - where I wanted to be - she understood my vision and I appreciated the fact that she came from the wedding world, knew exactly what the wedding industry was like from her own experience in the wedding business.
Kathryn, Monique, Samar & Kristeen
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