Imagine having a team of marketing professionals 
working to grow your business for you....
...bringing the latest in marketing
and sales strategy to your business...
Having leads arrive on autopilot,
growing your profile and demanding better rates....
We Partner With High Growth Wedding Professionals
Weddings Inc. is the first marketing agency specifically for wedding businesses.  We are obsessed with your revenue, leads, profitability and growth.
  •  We are passionate about helping our clients realize their dreams of creating a hugely successful wedding business.
  •  We believe that there are big opportunities right now for a select group of wedding professionals to break the mold and create a wedding business of the future.
  •  We understand an investment in marketing needs to have a clearly defined set of goals and a return on investment.
  •  We believe the greatest success is realized through the partnership of professional wedding professionals with expert marketers.
  •  We work with a selective client base to exponentially improve their brand's positioning through best-of-breed digital marketing.
  •  With a deep knowledge of what works in the wedding industry, Weddings Inc. serves a discerning clientele – our approach, our work, our customer service is for those who want a high touch, customized service and not a cookie-cutter, generalized, one size fits all system.
We are laser focused on uncovering every opportunity to drive up your profits, leads and business success.
Hi, I'm Kathryn Porritt and I help wedding business owners from all over the world increase their bottom line. I am laser focused on uncovering every opportunity to drive up profits, leads and business success.

I am obsessed with your revenue and I have developed a team of marketing professionals who will serve as your in-house marketing partners.

We specialize in significantly raising profitability particularly for wedding professionals who are looking to scale their business to big success.
Weddings Inc. is the first marketing agency for wedding professionals and we have worked with hundreds of wedding photographers, planners, venues, florists, ecommerce websites and retailers to create massive success.
Isn’t it time you realized your 
full earning potential?
  •  Brand strategy
  •  Website design and conversion optimization
  •  Sales funnels and marketing automation
  •  Digital marketing strategy and management (all channels)
  •  SEO and content marketing
  •  Social media strategy and management
  •  Publicity and media management
  •  Joint venture marketing
  •  Business strategy and coaching
It's time for the world to see just how talented you are.
with me, Kathryn Porritt, and my superstar team!
Wedding Maximizer is the done for you marketing service for discerning wedding professionals looking
to achieve a high-impact wedding business.
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Kristeen LeBrot, Celebrity Wedding Planner
Kathryn helped me figure out my branding & my message because I wasn’t attracting the type of client I wanted - now my brand & message match the high-end planner that I am.

Boundaries and my mindset were big issues for me. If I don't feel like I'm worth $15,000 no one is going to pay me $15,000. Kathryn’s been a huge help with that. I actually like every client that I have right now and it's great! I don't dread starting my work day. 

I travel a lot to see my husband because he's a filmmaker on location a lot. I want to have kids. I want to have emotional freedom.

Kathryn’s helped me with my mindset around the relationship I have with my clients - I now see that I am the owner of my business and I don't work FOR my clients, I work WITH them. And it's okay for me to take a day off and go do something I want to go do. I need to feel okay saying "No, I need to take time off for my family." That’s given me a sense of emotional freedom and regaining my personal life.

It's so nice to have someone in your corner that understands what you're going through

Samar Hattar, Destination Wedding Planner
I’ve been in business 10 - 11 years now and I felt like I was at a standstill. I was still getting the same clients but what I really wanted were more high end clients. I wasn't able to figure out how to do that - I knew I could do my job well - but something was missing. Then Kathryn came along... 

My branding was off and I wasn’t speaking to my clients with as much confidence as I needed. Kathryn’s really helped me build my confidence and feel comfortable talking prices with clients. She’s helped me hone in on what it is I'm trying to do & the clients I’ve booked at this point are now all in the price bracket that I want to be in. 

Without Kathryn’s support, I think I would have made half the amount of money I'm making right now - or even less than that - I would have quoted my clients a lot less.

It's so amazing to say "I charge this amount of money" and they say, "Okay." And I think, "Wait. Really?" I know that's what I'm worth and I know that that's what my work is worth but for me to try to say that to someone else felt very intimidating before working with Kathryn. 

I think what I love about Kathryn... She really listened and heard exactly what I was wanting - where I wanted to be - she understood my vision and I appreciated the fact that she came from the wedding world, knew exactly what the wedding industry was like from her own experience in the wedding business.