Wedding Business Intensive
1:1 Wedding Business Strategic Planning with Kathryn Porritt
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What's Included:
  •   1:1 Access to Kathryn Porritt: The leading business strategist in the wedding industry.  
  •  Two 60-90 Minute Strategy Calls with Kathryn personally, to evaluate where you are now, where you want to get to and give you a complete road-map to get there.
  •  Business Intensive: A marketing blueprint to grow your wedding business, including an analysis of the market opportunity, your business goals and the models to use to grow.
  • $997 Off Project Services: $997 off any project services you book with my team and I following your Business Intensive. Yes, this means that if you ask us to execute your plan, the Business Intensive is completely FREE!
  •  Priority access to The Rapid Rise: my high-end program that is limited to only 12 new applicants per month. It's so high-touch, we're like your own extended marketing team and we get BIG results.
  •  Online Delivery Team:  Access to my team of social media, sales funnel, digital marketing and copywriting strategists if you book services with us moving forward.
The best money that I ever spent in my business was investing in time with Kathryn. We went through my business one piece at a time, and basically started from the ground up.  This was the rebrand to end all rebrands. It was everything that I had never thought about and really needed to do and even if I thought about it, didn't know how to do it.  It was just such an easy process and Kathryn just made it so engaging and fun.  Some of the things we have achieved are incredible.  My website is ranking at the top for SEO, I'm making 4 x the amount of money I was making before, I've had national media coverage.  My business and life is completely different. 
~ Samar Hattar, Wedding Planner
Kathryn's knowledge of the industry combined with her vast experience as a successful entrepreneur has made her completely invaluable to my company as we continue to grow. Kathryn is hands-on and is extremely skilled in all areas that are crucial for anyone looking to start or propel the current state of their own business. From a design standpoint; she can create for you, a flawless brand that speaks directly to your ideal customer. On the operations side, she has the amazing ability to analyze the inner-workings of your organization, identify what is working and what needs to be changed, then she will take you through the step-by-step process of making those changes.
~ Amy McLaughlin, Wedding Planner
 I've implemented everything Kathryn said into my business and was amazed at the results... (even how to write emails to nurture potential clients)...Basically I did what Kathryn Porritt suggested, sold $20k rings, and gained clients! Everything you need to succeed she provides step by step.  I went from advertising myself as a discount wedding jeweler to leveraging myself as a leading custom designer in my industry...all from my time listening to Kathryn. So check it out, upgrade who you are as a person and watch your business grow!
~ Meaghan Young, Jeweler
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