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Sale Pack.

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Put your notebook away, ‘cause there’s no need to cram. You get access to study every video of 
The 2019 Wedding Masterclass ALL YEAR LONG. 

You'll have front row tickets to the event of the year for wedding professionals around the world.

We’ve rounded up the who’s who of the Wedding World to jazz up your business. With the creme de la creme of wedding experts, you’ll get first crack at 2019’s top money-making trends. They’ve been in your shoes. These pros totally get the struggles you face-- and they’ve turned buckets of lemons into lucrative lemonade. 

You'll also be able to view the videos anytime with your All Access Pass.
Celebrity Wedding Planner,
Colin Cowie (USA)
Celebrity Fashion Stylist,
Briannah Jayde (USA)
Wedding Stylist & Designer,
Matthew Robbins (USA)
Celebrity Wedding Planner, 
Angela Proffitt (USA)
Celebrity Makeup Artist, 
Tara Dowburd (USA)
Wedding Florist, 
CeCe Todd (USA)
Wedding Officiant, 
Alisa Tongg (USA)
Luxury Wedding Stationery Designer, Kaleigh Wiese (USA)
Luxury Winery Wedding Planner, Samar Hattar (USA)
Celebrity Wedding Planner, 
Kristeen LaBrot (USA)
Celebrity Calligrapher, 
Katrina Centeno-Nguyen (USA)
Award Winning Wedding Decorator, Debbie Marks (UK)
Destination Wedding Planner, 
Percy Sales (USA)
Publisher & Indian Wedding Specialist, Shawna Gohel (USA)
Award Winning Wedding Designer, Jove Meyer (USA)
Award Winning Wedding Planner, Michele Li (Hong Kong)
Restauranteur & Wedding Planner, Michelle Durpetti (USA)
Bridal Fashion Designer,
Trish Peng (New Zealand)
Celebrated Wedding Planner,
Jason Rhee (USA)
Celebrity Jeweler, 
Margaret Rowe (USA)
Celebrated Wedding Cake Designer, Kimberly Bailey (USA)
Luxury Wedding Planner, 
Nadine Metgenberg (Germany)
Celebrity Caterer, 
Rob Pausmith (USA)
Private Estate Venue Manager,
Daniel Spires (USA)
Luxury Wedding Planner,
Bibi Hayat (Kuwait)
Wedding Photographer,
Brian Leahy (USA)
Event Visualization, 
Joanna Adam (Canada)
Luxury Wedding Planner,
Jean Charles Vaneck (France)
Sustainable Florist,
Josephine Marc (Australia)
High-End Wedding Planner,
Andrea Eppolito (USA)

Any house that’s built to last starts with a solid blueprint. 
You can try to wing it without one, but odds are it’ll crumble to dust around you. 

Your wedding business is the same. 

We're also giving you the 2019 Wedding Playbook filled with the fundamental building blocks for wild success in the wedding industry today. No outdated hacks, no fluff, just easy-to-follow directions for the dream wedding business you want. The only dust you’ll see is from blazing the path to success.

Inside, you’ll find the roadmap to booking MORE high-end brides, the EASIEST way to generate profits, and how to grow your business FAST in 2019.

Everything that's trending for 2019 - color palettes, style hacks, trends for every part of the industry.  Sourced from the speakers in the 2019 Wedding Masterclass, you'll have their best advice and predictions to use in your business in 2019.

Wedding advice from some of the world's leading wedding professionals... so you can say... I was taught by the very best in the business (and actually mean it).
And more!
What's Included...
You get the 2019 Wedding Blueprint, Access to the Wedding Masterclass videos with the world's best wedding professionals all year long - everything you could possibly need to inspire perfect wedding days for your clients.
All in a special Wedding Professionals Edition that includes marketing and business advice from the best of the best.
#3 Wedding Masters 2019
Sales & Marketing Membership Group 
Wedding Masters is the community hub for growing wedding professionals from around the world.  Taking the training used 1:1 with some of the world's leading wedding brands to grow their business, Wedding Masters brings that same training to you online.

You get access to a catalog of Sales & Marketing training including social media, website design, branding, sales conversation training, and business growth hacks... as well as Weekly Q&A Calls with four Wedding Business Coaches to answer your burning questions... PLUS access to a thriving community of global wedding professionals in our private Facebook Group.
Here's what you'll get...

1: Access the Library of Growth Training
You will instantly get access to an extensive library of materials designed for you to grow your wedding business, increase your profits, and gain momentum and consistency in your business.

Each module is filled with extensive content. This is your opportunity to take your business to the next level and start living the life of freedom you have always wanted.

There's social media, marketing, branding, sales, pricing and passive income training... and that's just the start.
Foundations - how to define your perfect client.
Branding - how to determine who you are to your perfect client.
Offer - how to clarify what you do and create a compelling offer.
Pricing - how to charge what you're worth.
Platform - how to deliver your offer to your target market.
Community - how to grow your business with joint ventures.
Authority - how to become the credible voice for your market.
Marketing - how to grow your perfect client audience.
Sales - how to sell to your market without the sleaze.
Customer Experience - how to deliver the best experience ever.
Overcome Your Success Blocks - for your best season ever.
Beyond Your Local Market - how to grow your brand globally and rock a sustainable, passive income even out of wedding season.
EACH MODULE BECOMES PART OF the key to you building a wildly profitable WEDDING business.
I still had a full -time job when I started in the Wedding Masters membership but soon I was able to leave that job and now I’m full-time. I even have a storefront now, with employees. I have my main assistant for the wedding planning portion & I have interns that want to do weddings with us to learn, but pretty soon I'm going to need another full time person. 

 ~ Ashley

PLUS: Weekly Office Hours
You get weekly office hours with the Weddings Inc team so you get your questions answered - and learn from what others ask, too.  Each week we meet online through Zoom so you can get your questions answered & the support you need to implement what we teach you.   Based in Australia and the US, the Weddings Inc. team is truly global.
Kathryn Porritt
Founder of Weddings Inc.

Kathryn started and grew a multi-million dollar wedding business in Australia that serviced 300,000+ events in several countries.

She is dedicated to growing the reputation & visibility of the wedding industry as a whole. It’s time the world finally understands that the wedding business is a professional, healthy & very large industry with high standards.

Kathryn has helped hundreds of wedding service providers create their dream business.

Monique Lillicrap
Business & Marketing Expert
Monique is a world-class business development & marketing expert. Building brands with innovative & engaging customer experiences is one of her many talents.

Monique is well-versed in market launch strategies across multiple platforms internationally. She’s worked with brands like: Twentieth Century Fox, Columbia TriStar, Lego, BMW, Audi, Nike, McDonald’s, Nokia, Max Factor, Rimmel, L’Oreal, Kraft, MTV and more.  

We are so fortunate to have such an accomplished expert on our team (and fun to boot!).
Kristeen LaBrot
Leading Celebrity Wedding Planner &
Weddings Inc. Ambassador
Kristeen is an A-List wedding planner based in LA. 

Her weddings have been featured in People Magazine countless times. She’s won Best Planner in Los Angeles for 3 years running, received other awards & has been published internationally. Kristeen grew her business from the ground up and had her own mindset challenges to contend with. Super personable and humble, you’ll find Kristeen is a valuable resource for you.
Samar Hattar
Leading Destination Wedding Planner & 
Weddings Inc. Ambassador
Samar is a leading destination wedding planner in the wine region of California. 

When the wildfires decimated that area, people stopped booking… the phone went quiet, quickly. Despite being put through the ringer, Samar built her business back up & sells packages that we dream of. Warm and engaging, Samar is someone you’ll quickly trust and love having a connection to.

Together, we have your growth completely covered. 
From branding to website development, from getting leads to handling cray-cray clients, we’ve got you!

Calls will be recorded so even if you can’t make it live, you can still watch the replay.

Kathryn has been nothing but a joy to work with. She has redesigned my website to help me reach my target market. OH MY GOODNESS! My website is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am grateful I met Kathryn and grateful to be given the time to spend with her. She is an asset to me and my company! Kathryn is also helping me with creative marketing tools to generate more business. I love that she is not afraid to say exactly what I need to hear, even if it is not what I want to hear.  I give her the highest recommendation and would recommend her to anyone!

~ Mary Shannon Ratliff
President, MS Ratliff Weddings & Events

PLUS: A Private FB Group for Members Only
You get access to our private Facebook group facilitated by our Weddings, Inc ambassadors so you get support from those who know what you’re going through & what you need.  This exclusive FB group is dedicated to members of our Wedding Masters Membership only.
Here you get to network, feel supported, ask questions & learn from our two ambassadors - Kristeen & Samar - plus I’ll be in there as well, along with Monique.

Kristeen and Samar, both wedding planners, are in the business every day - chances are they’ve dealt with every kind of challenge you may face.

Anyone dealing with cray-cray clients? ;-)

PLUS: NEW Trainings Every Month
You get new trainings from us every month so you stay current and inspired.  We make sure you get fresh new trainings to help you get your wedding service business exactly how you want it to be. 

For example, we’ll share trends & ideas that are doing well in other parts of the world - you’ll be first in your location to try these!

We also ask for input from members so you get trainings that meet your needs.

Trainings will be offered through formats like FB lives, webinars, interviews & Zoom calls. 

Anytime we’re going live with new training, we’ll give you a heads up - and make sure it’s recorded so you’ll always have access inside the membership.

One reason I love working with Kathryn so much is that I've been on my own my entire life - in general but in my business. I became a jeweller 10+ years ago & since then, I've done nothing but learn about business & work my ass off, building my own websites, making Facebook ads - everything I've ever done, I've done on my own and so for somebody to come in and be like "You have built something amazing here, I really believe in you and I firmly believe you're going to succeed and make a lot of money.


Together, all the components inside the membership assist you with sales, marketing, business acumen, social media, publicity, adding revenue streams that work on autopilot & many other facets of running a thriving wedding business.
*Access to our extensive learning library
          - Business Foundations
          - Mindset Training
          - Branding Brilliance
          - Nail Your Offer
          - Perfect Wedding Website
          - Social Media Training
          - Close the Sale
          - Marketing for Wedding Businesses
          - Sales Funnels
          - Passive Income
          - Joint Ventures

*Weekly office hours
*A private FB group for members only
*New trainings every month
*Access to & support from the Wedding, Inc team - Kathryn, Monique, Kristeen & Samar
*Our VIP templates as your bonus gift when you enroll in the Full Pay Plan or the Installment Plan

VALUED AT $4,997+
All Access Pass to the Wedding Masterclass 2019 videos all year round.
The 2019 Wedding Blueprint e-book that gives you the advice, trends, color palettes and more to help plan your perfect wedding day.

All in a special Professionals Edition that contains advice on sales, marketing and business.
A FULL Year's Access to Wedding Masters training including thousands of dollars in sales, marketing and business strategy training for wedding professionals.
PLUS weekly access to the Wedding Masters Q&A Sessions online to ask your burning questions and have them answered by experienced wedding professionals.
PLUS access to the Wedding Masters private Facebook Group filled with growing wedding professionals from around the world to help support your business.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will I have access to everything?
You'll have access to the Wedding Masterclass Access All Areas and Wedding Masters for 12 months.  After this time, you can renew your Wedding Masters membership at the discounted rate of $37 a month.
How are the materials delivered?
For the Wedding Masterclass Access All Areas, VIP ticket holders, secure access will be provided to view the interviews whenever you wish, as well as download and view the Wedding Blueprint e-planner.  Wedding Masters is provided through a secure membership login online.
What kind of information will be available?
Wedding Masterclass 2019 contains 25+ interviews with globally recognized wedding professionals across disciplines including floristry, fashion design, wedding planning, styling and decorating, photography and so much more.  For Wedding Masters, there are video and downloadable training guides, as well as your weekly Q&A Trainings online.
Who is Weddings Inc.?
Our team includes consultants to the wedding industry, and we specialize in helping wedding businesses grow.  Wedding Masterclass is a platform to allow couples and professionals to learn from the very best in the industry.
What is your refund policy?
As the Wedding Masters, Wedding Masterclass and Wedding Blueprint are digital products, unfortunately we cannot provide a refund on any purchases.  
Is this for start-ups only?
Weddings Inc. works with some of the biggest names in the industry to help them grow their business.  The materials provided in Wedding Masters and Wedding Masterclass are relevant to every stage of your wedding business growth.
Don't miss the VIP Offer.  This is your only chance to access this deal at this incredible price all in one place!
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